Some Quick Questions with Max Nine of the Austrian Punk Band, Mudfight

Last month, the Austrian punk band Mudfight (whose name comes from the famous mud fight between Green Day and their audience at Woodstock ’94) released the “Mud Edit” of their song “Another Boy,” whose original version appeared on their debut album, Time for Revolution, which was released last year. At the time of the new single’s release, we emailed the band some questions and here’s what their vocalist and bassist, Max Nine, responded.


As a relatively young band, what would you say are your greatest achievements so far?

We are very grateful for all the huge things we already experienced on our ride so far! We had the honour of playing at Donauinselfest in Vienna (which is the biggest free open-air in the world), but what stood out the most was supporting The Interrupters and playing SBAM Fest 5, where we got to share the stage with so many great acts and idols!

As a band from Austria, why do you choose to write and present your lyrics in English? How does it compare to writing in your native tongue?

To be honest, I am not good at expressing my feelings in my mother tongue, and I feel much more natural when I perform in English, even when I’m talking to the audience. Maybe because my favourite music is mainly in English? I don’t know, haha, but we try to be international because our goal is to spread the punk rock revolution not only here in Austria, but worldwide! Coming to the US or the UK is one of the first things on our bucket list.

Themes of rebellion and revolution are consistent in your music. With its commercialisation and sanitisation over the decades, do you still believe in the revolutionary spirit of rock ‘n’ roll?

Tough question, but I would definitely say YES. The rebellious feeling alone at a small (or big) punk show is proof of that. It may not be exactly the same as in the ‘90s and before, but it’s still the most authentic way to unite all the rebels and misfits out there. That’s where we’re coming from, that’s what we’re all about!

You present your messages with addictive and catchy pop-punk melodies. In your opinion, which is more important element for Mudfight – the lyrics or the music?

I think it´s equally important. Some lyrics are the deepest expressions of our souls, haha, but the music is the fuel to keep it thriving.

You recently released the single “Another Boy (Mud Edit).” How does this version differ from the version you put out on Time For Revolution last year?

That´s actually a fun story: We always try to spice up our songs for live shows. In the case of “Another Boy,” Alex [Lausegger, their lead guitarist] played a different riff for the bridge part at a rehearsal for SBAM Fest 5. It’s not exactly a riff you’d expect for a pop-punk song, but that’s probably why it got stuck in our heads. And every time I heard the original song, I thought something was missing or different, so we decided to re-release the track with the video so that the “better” version was available for everyone!

What does the future hold for the band?

We´ve been hitting the studio last week for the first give songs of our second record. We have loads of stuff planned for 2024: New songs, videos, features, and of course shows! Stay tuned! We promise you won´t want to miss out. Thank you so much for your time! See you in the pit!

Mudfight’s latest single, “Another Boy (Mud Edit), is available to stream on all platforms now. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok!

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