Hayley Crusher Cain from the Punk-Inspired Pop Act Hayley and the Crushers Discusses the Band’s Upcoming EP “Unsubscribe from the Underground”

Ahead of their New York live debut as part of Oh Bondage, Up Yours! Pt. 2 at TV Eye, we talk with musician and journalist Hayley Crusher Cain, the eponymous frontperson for the Detroit-based Californian expats, Hayley and the Crushers. We discuss their career, their upcoming EP Unsubscribe from the Underground, being on Kitten Robot Records and much more on today’s podcast.

Hayley and the Crushers’ latest EP, Unsubscribe from the Underground, will be available from September 10th. Keep up to date with Hayley and the Crushers’ music, social media accounts, and live dates on their website. The band will play at TV Eye, New York this Saturday. Tickets are available here.

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