Bath/Bristol Punk-with-a-Twist Five-Piece Battery Acid Discuss Their Latest Single “Disposable”

The Bath/Bristol punk-inspired alt-rock five-piece Battery Acid boast a pan-British line-up. Even of just the three members who called into Post-Burnout last week to discuss their music with us featured vocalist Adele from Stroud, guitarist Emily from Milton Keynes, and drummer Laura from Worcester.

The members met whilst studying Commercial Music at Bath Spa University. “It formed when we had to do this thing called a skillshare, where you just go up and play an instrument and you just go and make bands, essentially,” says Laura. “I think we all sort of clocked each other as we were playing. I remember watching Emily and being like, ‘Oh, she’s insane!’, and the same with Adele, being like, ‘Oh, she’s so cool! I wanna be in a band!’ And we just sort of met up.”

As a result of this skillshare, Battery Acid formed about a year ago. Adele reflects: “I think we were really lucky, in that we all just happened to get on well and click, but I think some people, they struggled to find people. But, obviously, you have a lot of options because you’re thrown into a place with loads of other musicians, but there’s obviously a lot of contrast in music, in terms of what people are into, but we all just happened to click really well. Which is lucky because not everyone has.” When asked about their mutual interests, Adele adds, “We’re all into rock, heavier stuff, but, also, a few of us are into more folky things and some heavier stuff, as well.”

Soon, the band began growing a fanbase but not really where they began. “Everyone on our course – we all know each other, we’re all close and stuff – but we actually find that no one from our course tends to come to our gigs,” says Adele. “And, at first, we were like, ‘Oh, why is nobody coming? That’s so peak!’ But then we realised that it was a good thing, because then we started to build an audience outside, and it feels like – because it’s outside our course and friend groups and stuff – it feels like the real world.”

Emily sees this as a positive thing. “I think it also doesn’t keep us in the little bubble of being a uni band,” she says. “Because this is something we want to progress, post-uni.” “Yeah. And it’s like we’re not a uni band, we are a band,” agrees Laura, before continuing, “The song we put out, we can see people listen to it in, like, Germany and, like, abroad and stuff, which is insane to think that our little, tiny song has gone that far. [Laughs]”

Photo by Chris Illington
Courtesy of Battery Acid

The song she’s referring to is their self-titled debut track, which released back in July. “It’s a very us-sounding song,” says Adele on why they chose it for their debut single. “And it’s sort of like every time we play live and stuff, that’s the song that people talk about and everyone seemed to really like it, so that was our first choice to release. And, also, we released it in summertime, and it’s more of a summery song.”

“I think it’s been pretty good,” says Emily on the reception to the single. “Like, we’ve heard back from quite a lot of people that they’ve enjoyed the single. We had a recent headline at [the Bath venue] Moles, that we won from winning Battle of the Bands – which was something we were able to get the song recorded from – and we got a really good reception from that. We sold our first batch of merch; like, that all got sold out. So, things have been pretty good. Hopefully, it’s going to be the same with ‘Disposable,’ if not more. We’ve been pushing this one quite a lot.”

Indeed, their follow-up single, “Disposable,” releases today. Described as “more Autumn-y” in contrast to the summer vibes of “Battery Acid” by Adele, she goes on to say, “It’s the first song we ever wrote, and it’s our other best song. It’s a few people in the band’s favourite song that we’ve done, and it’s just very solid and fun.” “It always gets a good reception, as well,” adds Emily. “It does always get a good reception,” continues Adele. “Yeah, so whenever we play gigs, what most people say is that they either loved ‘Battery Acid’ or they loved ‘Disposable,’ so it just seemed like the natural one.”

Today, the band will also play a release gig at St James Wine Vaults in Bath. “We’re playing with Atlas Rise and Buried in Bermuda supporting us,” says Adele of the launch show. “They’re both very good bands. They’re sort of heavy but melodic, so they’re very good. Yeah, the Vaults in Bath is a nice, little underground. It’s like a tunnel.” “I think it will fit the vibe of the song,” adds Emily.”

With a backlog of songs in the pipeline and gigs already performed in places like Bath, Bristol, Glastonbury, and East Yorkshire, they’re prepping for a longer UK tour in 2024 and more songs to be released over the year. “We’re going to do, I think, quite a decent amount of releasing, next year,” says Laura. “We’re also currently planning a small tour, just around the UK. Nothing too crazy.” “And we want to get a music video out, as well,” says Adele, and adds, “I think it will be really fun. It’ll be nice to meet people from all over.”

Battery Acid’s latest single, “Disposable,” is out now to stream. You can buy tickets to their launch gig tonight here. You can keep up to date with the band’s releases, live dates, and social media accounts here.

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